Surgical Glue

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Surgical Glue for Hernia Solutions

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LiquiBand FIX8

Innovative hernia mesh fixation device providing strong and secure mesh fixation. Used in laparoscopic or open surgery.

  • Strong hernia mesh fixation
  • Precised, controlled delivery
  • Cost effective
  • Quick
  • Easy to use
  • Low post-operative pain
  • N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate

Tissue Adhesive

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Connexicon Medical

INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ Topical Tissue Adhesive is a sterile, liquid topical tissue adhesive composed of an Octyl blend cyanoacrylate formulation.

INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ is indicated for the closure of skin wounds, including laparoscopic incisions and trauma-induced lacerations and may be used in conjunction with deep dermal stitches.

In vitro studies have shown that INDERMIL® Flexifuze™ will stay in place for 5-8 days acting as a physical barrier to microbial penetration as long as the adhesive film remains intact.

Key attributes of INDERMIL® Flexifuze™:

  • Non coloured adhesive
  • Haemostatic properties
  • Room temperature storage 4-30 Deg C.
  • Flexible
  • Shower proof
  • Flow control applicator - Patent protected technology
  • Shelf life - 24 months
  • No discernible heat during application
  • Long working life (up to 20 mins) allowing for multiple use on a single patient