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Duomed supports Prof. Cadiere's team in their mission to help victims of sexual violence

On January 22, 2021, Prof. Guy-Bernard Cadière - Abdominal Surgeon at CHU Saint Pierre - and his team arrived in Bukavu to start their mission at the Panzi Hospital. Right before his departure, we got the chance to sit down with Prof. Cadière to talk about the situation in that area.

Increase efficiency with our new Laparoscopic Procedure Kits

We are pleased to inform you we decided to also offer our products in ready-to-use kits.

How to eliminate surgical smoke

In a bench setting, Ultravision, which uses electrostatic precipitation as its mode of action, has been shown to effectively eliminate the aerosolized particle mass present in surgical smoke in an enclosed atmosphere by 99.9% and particle number by 99.7%, including sub-viral particle sizes.