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First patient enrolled in the RCT ORSY clinical trial

The study offers the possibility of subjecting the project to an independent scientific review in order to confirm the sustainable healing success through the use of the fully autologously obtained OBSiDiAN ASG® BioMatrix in a randomized controlled trial.

OBSiDiAN ASG® study - The promising results

First study published shows significantly reduced anastomotic leakage rate through the use of OBSiDiAN ASG®.

Surgical Smoke: the unknown hazard in the operating theatre

For some years now, various non-invasive techniques have been favored in surgery, including laparoscopy. This technique reduces the risk of post-operative complications, thus improving the patient’s comfort after the procedure. However, this technique is not without risks: toxic fumes are produced during the surgery, exposing the operating room staff to health risks.