Increase efficiency with our new Laparoscopic Procedure Kits


As a healthcare professional or purchaser, a lot of time goes into determining the materials per procedure, stock management, preparing the different supplies for the intervention, calculating the cost per procedure etc. Apart from that, when handling separate products, a mistake can easily be made.


We are therefore pleased to inform you we decided to also offer our products in ready-to-use kits.

Increased efficiency for Purchasers, Nurses & Surgeons:

  • Save time ordering 
  • Define costs per intervention easily
  • Save time preparing the procedure & reduce errors when preparing the surgery
  • Increase standardization to streamline quality care
Duomed Laparoscopic Surgery Kits

The best of both worlds in one case

  • A selection of qualitative/innovative products

As a distributor, we are in the position to evaluate and select the partners we want to work with. It makes it possible for us to offer you the highest quality products every day as well as to constantly search for innovations.

Furthermore, it makes us more flexible in proposing alternatives depending on your preferences* or in case of stock ruptures or product related issues.

  • Expertise and service from our in-house specialists 

Our Customer Service and Product Experts are available to provide you the necessary assistance where needed. From quotation process to support alongside the patient in the OR, we are with you!

About the kits

Types of Laparoscopic Surgery Kits Duomed
Types of Laparoscopic Surgery Kits Duomed

The standard version of all our kits can include the following supplies:

  • Veress needle
  • Trocars 
  • Clips
  • Scissors
  • Coagulation hook
  • Suction/irrigation 
  • Smoke filter

Depending on the type of procedure and your requirements*, the kit can contain an endobag, staplers (endo, circular), an energy device, materials for wound closure, etc.

More info

Do not hesitate to contact your representative about the possibilities for your organisation or contact us via the button below:

*Minimum Order Quantity for Product Customization. For more information, please contact your representative or send an email to