Laparoscopic Instruments

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Comepa - X-Line
The X-Line laparoscopic instrument system is a complete new and innovative concept able to maintain the cost effectiveness of a reusable instrument with the optimum performance of a disposable shaft. The X-Line single use inserts are sterile-packed, ready for use and fully disposable.

Available in different range and configurations, the X-Line inserts are manufactured with a high standard of quality specifications.
Exceeding international standards the sharpness of our scissors, efficiency of graspers as well as reusable handles, are incorporating the latest ergonomic design to enhance tactile feedback for high precision during surgery.

X-Line reaching high performance with cost-effectiveness.


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Microline Surgical

Two piece laparoscopic instrument with:

  • Reusable handle and shaft
  • Disposable or reusable tips

Available in 5mm Ø and 25cm, 34cm and 42cm shaft lengths.

Handle + Shaft: ReNew IV Universal Handpieces

Instrument Tips: 

Surgical Innovations


Two piece laparoscopic instrument with reusable handle and disposable shaft and tip.

  • 3mm and 5mm Ø - 24cm and 32cm shaft
  • 5mm Ø - 24cm, 32cm and 45cm shaft
  • Only available with scissor shaft


Three piece laparoscopic instrument with reusable handle, shaft and insert + tip.

  • 5mm Ø - 23,5cm, 30,5cm and 35,5cm shaft
  • 10mm Ø - 30,5cm shaft
  • Available with different reusable inserts



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Full disposable laparoscopic instruments.