How to eliminate surgical smoke

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Safety of the OR staff is currently a hot topic. How can I as a doctor, in a simple and affordable way, protect myself and offer the best care to my patient? In addition to precautions for more usual risks, the impact of surgical smoke on doctors and nurses during laparoscopic procedures should not be underestimated. Smoke that, according to publications in the literature, may contain viruses.

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Previously reported applications of electrostatic precipitation have reported the successful collection of viruses and virus-sized particles. In a bench setting, Ultravision, which uses electrostatic precipitation as its mode of action, has been shown to effectively eliminate the aerosolized particle mass (particles across the size range of 7nm-10um),  present in surgical smoke in an enclosed atmosphere by 99.9% and particle number by 99.7%, including sub-viral particle sizes.

Alesi Surgical - Ultravision

This shows that Ultravision contributes to a safe and comfortable working environment for doctors and nurses, but also for the patient. Learn more about the performance of Ultravision during laparoscopic surgery in the whitepaper ‘The performance of Ultravision in reducing aerosolization of viralsized particles during laparoscopic surgery.’

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