The unique super-flexible 6F stent in sinus-Micro-Mesh design.

  • Superflexible nitinol stent with high quality electro-polishing
  • 6F application system adapted to a .035i guide wire
  • Diameters from 6 to 12 mm and lengths from 30 to 150 mm
A product by Optimed

The fine art of stent design

The sinus-SuperFlex-635 makes a convincing impression finding the delicate balance between ideal flexibility and radial force. A real advance in the innovative 6F stent-system design with all the proven advantages of  Optimed’s sinus-Stent technology.

  • Ideal vessel wall adaptation using Micro-Mesh design
  • sinus-structure with super-flexibility mirrors the contours of the vessel perfectly
  • Closed-cell design at the stent-ends offers definitive and reliable vessel wall fixation during deployment
  • Ideally suited for cross-over technique

The smooth finish

Sophisticated sinus-nitinol-structure featuring electro-polishing into the farthest corners

  • Thin oxide layer for high biocompatibility
  • Extremely smooth stent surface
  • Optimized vessel wall adaptation
  • Robust and durable

The easy steerability

The proven 6F delivery system is highly flexible and can traverse strongly calcified stenoses

  • Optimized tapering of soft-tip to 0.035 inch guide-wire
  • Flexibility and kink resistance for perfect steerability
  • Effortless stent deployment
  • Suited for cross-over technique

The great flexibility

  • The Mico-Mesh structure adapts perfectly to tortuous passages
  • Traction can be easily absorbed
  • The individual stent segments are capable of absorbing external contraction
  • Partial pressure can be evenly distributed
  • Twists and bends are evenly covered